Alert Service Dogs for Kids
proudly provided by

The Kiwanis Club of Grand Junction

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(when our Club formally gave Sandy to her).  

Meet Farley, our newest "trainee"
He's 8 weeks old & his handler is Gwen Kingery




There is a growing prevalence of “silent disabilities” such as diabetes and extreme allergies among our community’s children. Many of these children’s lives are severely constrained and socially limited by their need to be continuously monitored and protected.


Children’s lives can be dramatically improved with a well trained “alert” service dog.  These dogs alert to a diabetic episode or the presence of a dangerous allergen. They can locate and retrieve medications, even when misplaced.

We strive to change the lives of children in our community who are afflicted with these silent disabilities by providing them with dogs bred with specific characteristics suitable for service work.


Our club invites selected families, with an afflicted child, to apply for enrollment in our Academy where they receive a puppy at NO COST to the family.



Halle's Speech

Sandi means the world to me. He is my little alerter that helps me realize that I’m low, my little guardian angel, my angel in disguise.


He helps me with my diabetes and epilepsy, even farther on maybe with my sight.


He even wakes us up in the middle of the night to tell us that I am high or low and grabs my tester off the counter.


Sandi is my little angel. Thank you all for letting me have a chance to have him as my service dog.



December 8, 2016




We're not kidding when we say, Rita did it!


This special program would not be possible with the "dogged" (we mean that in a good way) efforts of long time member and Past President, Rita Crumpton. She enlisted many other members to help, notably two of our veterinarian members, Drs. Pete Jouflas and Mark Ryan, along with "people" doctor Danny Mistry.


Rita put together a fantastic team that "find" our special dogs at an early age, puppy train them to see if they have the qualities, temperament and intelligence to be an Alert Dog. They are pictured below.




Rita's Alert Dog Team

Left to right: Sue Sternberg - Evaluator/trainer, Marion Lewis - Trainer, Rita Crumpton - Project Manager, Betsy Howell - Breeder - Shakira Berg, Proud Mother

Seated: Halle Berg - owner; Sandi Berg - lifesaver and designated "Angel"